Bid farewell to muscle pains and aches easily with CBD Muscle Recovery Balm

CBD Muscle Recovery Balm 300mg


Exercise or workout is the best way to good health. Almost everyone can workout and maintain a healthy body. The amount of exercises varies depending on the results you are after. An athlete may workout for extra muscle power while an obese person may workout to lose extra weight. The intensity of exercise depends on the goal one wants to achieve.

CBDMuscle Pain Recovery Balm

In all the cases the muscles are the more used, pumped and exhausted in the gym. There are various post workout methods to relax your muscles. The most common is to relax after a tough day at the gym. Neglecting muscle recovery post-workout may lead to serious irreversible complications. CBD muscle recovery balm is a unique solution to all workout muscle related issues. We are going to take an in-depth tour of how the balm works what’s unique about it. How is it different from other CBD formulations and details about its application?

CBD Muscle recovery balm formulation and application

CBD Muscle balm is formulated to soothe and relax your muscles. It has a quick response time, so no need to wait for a long time post application for the desired results. It is hemp derived cannabis balm that works on your muscles and joints naturally. With the added advantage of coconut oil, beeswax, and cocoa butter, this is proved to be beneficial. It is available in 30 ml with a total CBD content of 300 mg.

Different variants of CBD and their impact

CBD is known to work effectively in cases of muscle sprains, strains and a lot more complicated conditions like multiple sclerosis. It has anti-inflammatory properties and thus provides relief from inflammation. With the emerging CBD market, many companies have dived into this field to make huge profits. Let us take a look at the different variants of CBD that are available and their impact on the human body.

  • Fab CBD: Fab CBD is a full spectrum topical cream and is formulated to be used by people who have inflammation and other pain conditions. It also has aloe vera, coconut oil, cocoa butter and is derived from organic non-GMO hemp. No doubt it is potent but it has a major drawback. It contains up to 0.3% of TCH, whereas CBD Muscle balm contains only 0.03% TCH. People who generally look for these topical applications specifically look for extremely low levels of TCH.
  • Bee’s Knees: Bee’s Balm: A wonderful composition that comprises of eucalyptus essential oil, Coconut oil, peppermint, calendula, beeswax, CBD oil, camphor, and vitamin E is definitely another option worth going for. It gives quick relief from inflammation. The only drawback is it has an oily and slippery feel which is mostly disliked by a lot of people. People always prefer something non greasy and non oily. Something that does not leave a residue.

Safety comes first

CBD is generally safe if used as per the standards. It is legal in the UK to use CBD products that have less than 0.2% TCH. In the US, federal law still terms CBD derived from marijuana as illegal while CBD from hemp is considered to be legal in all the states. A lot of people complain about side effects after using CBD, a critical review report on CBD by the WHO states.

‘CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile. Reported adverse effects may be as a result of drug-drug interactions between CBD and patients’ existing medications.’

 Side effects:

Most of the people who face any side effects are the ones who are on medications and take CBD along with their medications. As a result, they come across such complications. It is better you consult your doctor before you start taking CBD. CBD creams, on the other hand, are completely safe and can be used by anyone. It is widely used by athletes, people who workout and also by people who do a lot of physical work.  

 CBD creams and how to use them

 CBD creams come in various formulations and their application process is very simple. Apply some cream on the affected area and gently rub it for relief from pain. Depending on the multiple ingredients used in its formulation, a cream may give you a cool soothing effect or a heating effect.

How to Use CBDMuscle Recovery Balm 300mg
How To CBD Muscle Recovery Balm

CBD Products comparison

Takes care of the muscles and joints naturally Takes care of the muscles and joints naturally Takes care of the muscles and joints naturally
Formulated with a specific proprietary blend of phytocannabinoids from hemp and mixed with the finest ingredients, Formulated with a specific proprietary blend of phytocannabinoids from hemp and mixed with the finest ingredients Formulated with a specific proprietary blend of phytocannabinoids from hemp and mixed with the finest ingredients
It is ideal for use as  post/ pre workout revitalizer It is ideal for use as a post workout revitalizer It is ideal for use as a post/ pre workout revitalizer

Still Thinking that why CBD muscle recovery balm is a better brand? Check the difference below to make a perfect decision.

Differentiating factors CBD Muscle Recovery Balm   Pure Organic CBD oil  
Type This is a balm and it is like a serum or a cream.   It is an oil based product
Use It provides relief after post workout sessions. It is used before workout sessions usually, and can be used for post-workout relief as well.  
Ingredients It contains hemp extracts and other important ingredients like coconut oil, terpenoids, grape seed oil, essential oils, beeswax, and others.   Well, this product is made from organic hemp and does not contain all the oils.
Price It is priced at £39.99. A bottle of CBD Oil is priced at £99.99.

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What is the difference between CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD?

CBD isolate is just CBD. Products made with CBD isolate have zero THC. CBD full spectrum has a range of cannabinoids. It also has acceptable levels of THC, which is as low as 0.3% generally. The ingredients are processed in such a way that they facilitate the functioning of CBD giving you the desired results and no side effects.

Will I get high if I take CBD?

THC is the only component that is known to have hallucinating effects. Only if consumed in the large amount you may get high. however since all the products have just traceable amounts of THC, it is unlikely that you get high. CBD is often confused with marijuana and therefore people think they may get high after using CBD.

Does CBD recovery cream work?

Yes, it definitely works. It is proved that CBD has anti-inflammatory and anti analgesic properties. CBD recovery cream is a unique proprietary blend of phytocannabinoids from hemp and mixed with the finest ingredients. It is specifically formulated to target the muscles and the joints which gives amazing relief post heavy workout

Can I rely on CBD Muscle cream after rigorous training?

Yes, you can rely on this even after several muscle strains where there may be a swelling and serious injury to the muscles. As long as it does not require medical attention, CBD muscle cream can help you with muscle recovery post workout. For more details visit

How do I know CBD muscle recovery cream is a quality product?

CBD Muscle recovery balm is made in the United Kingdom and is GMP certified. It is 100% natural, organic, vegetarian and vegan-friendly. It only contains 0.03% of THC which is way less compared to other topical products in the market. It’s made with a unique proprietary blend infused with balancing CBD from agricultural hemp.

When should I apply CBD muscle cream?

CBD muscle cream can be applied to muscles and joints in cases of strain or post workout. You should apply it when you do weight lifting at the gym, participate in a sport. Undergo rigorous physical training. If you reckon there can be a high level of fatigue or damage and in cases where you are at high risk of an injury.

Do I need to take a prescription for CBD?

No, however, if you are consuming CBD products and are taking other medications at the same time, you might want to consult your doctor. A critical review report from WHO mentions the side effects people can see if they take CBD with other medications. However topical applications do not require any prescription as they are natural and white safe.

How can CBD muscle recovery help me as an athlete?

Athletes are at a greater risk of muscle injury since they put a lot of stress on their bodies. Because of this consistent physical trauma, their bodies go through a lot of wear and tear which finally results in severe injuries. Over the counter, anti-inflammatory medications cannot be taken on a regular basis because they are chemical based and may also lead to side effects. On the contrary CBD or CBD muscle recovery balm in specific relaxes and soothes the muscle post every training session. It can also be used as a precautionary measure pre-workout.

I am concerned about my employment, will I fail the drug test if I take CBD?

If you are just talking about topical applications, no you won’t fail the drug test. However, if you consume CBD it is better for you to go for CBD which does not have TCH. it depends completely on your bodily characteristics whether or not your body deposits the cannabinoids which are a debated topic yet. But if any product has a high level of TCH you might fail the drug test. Always look for the TCH content if you are going for full spectrum CBD.

Can I use CBD muscle recovery if I have arthritis?

Arthritis is a degenerative disorder and there is no way you can stop its progress. CBD can help take care of the inflammation and give you relief from the pain that you may go through. Normally people use magnesium roll-ons or other creams for pain relief or over the counter pain killers like paracetamol or Ibuprofen. As CBD muscle recovery is formulated to deal with muscle and joint pain it can definitely help you with the inflammation.

Should I use CBD muscle recovery balm daily for good results?

Yes. You can use it daily if you want to get the best results or you can even restrict the usage if you feel so. CBD muscle recovery balm is the best formulation compared to other CBD balms and can be used to effectively treat muscle and joint pain. It can also be used to treat severe muscle injuries. It is widely used by athletes and is considered to be an alternative for various anti-inflammatory medications.

Which form of CBD is best for me?

CBD is available in various forms like tincture oil, capsules, balms and lotions, and even Vapes. While it completely depends on your choice. Oils are considered to be the best form as they are sublingual. Being sublingual means it gets into your bloodstream directly and bypasses the metabolic system thereby avoiding any kind of losses. You may consider balms and lotions if you are concerned about a certain joint or a particular muscle strain.

Can I use CBD muscle recovery for chronic pain?

CBD is known to even work in cases of multiple sclerosis where the pain is unbearable. Chronic pain does not necessarily mean an aggravated level of pain. According to a study in the Journal of Experimental Medicine CBD can help reduce chronic pain and inflammation. You can completely rely on CBD muscle recovery for chronic pain as it is also known to work in MS and arthritis. According to recent studies, CBD also helps in cases of epilepsy.


 CBD was earlier considered to be the same as marijuana but now with advances in research, we know that though they belong to the same plant family, their effects are different. CBD is proven to be effective in cases of chronic pain, anxiety and even epilepsy. CBD muscle recovery products are formulated to take care of the muscles and joints naturally. It’s made with a unique proprietary blend which has CBD derived from agricultural hemp, unlike certain other products where the extract CBD from industrial hemp. CBD muscle recovery products are GMP certified in the UK and are 100% natural and also suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike.

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